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Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas: 10.30am, Friday 21st December 2018 at the St Arnaud Anglican Church 36 Queen’s Avenue. This Blue Christmas Service is designed for those who find the Christmas Season a very difficult time of year. You might be missing a loved one who has died during the year, or even many years ago. You might just find all the season’s hype depressing. You might be aware of a loved one who struggles at Christmas, or you may want to commit all those suffering this Christmas to God’s care. During the prayers there is a time to write a card for the ‘Remembering you at Christmas Tree’, or you can call into the church at any time to add your own card. For more information phone Jan 0439757278

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At St Arnaud Anglican Church we are learning God's love for each of us and growing in faith. With lives changed by personal encounter with God, we speak words that heal, restore and build others up. We love those around us and share what Jesus means to us. We are a worshiping, serving people.


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