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On the web at last

Such a tiny church as ours hardly needs its own website, but a website helps me to organise information and my thinking. I was hoping a student from the local school might lend me a hand, but they don't do that as part of their program at St Arnaud anymore, so I am having the fun of organising it all myself. A weekly blog will be my aim.

Pentecost this Sunday 8am Bealiba and 9.30am St Arnaud. Wear red for Pentecost if you fancy. It symbolizes joy and the fire of the Holy Spirit. And rather than "high tea" to celebrate the royal wedding we are going for hymns of praise in St Arnaud Anglican hall and singing St Arnaud's top ten favourite hymns followed by a pie and soup lunch, pie floaters if you are game. Come along, bring a friend. All welcome.

Our beautiful new slate roof is complete but there is so much dust fallen down from the roof, 150 years worth that we have comissioned Murdock House to clean up for us. We don't expect to be back in the church until the next Sunday for Trinity.

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