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Refugee Sunday - 17th June 2018, please join us to learn more

Our Guest Preacher will be David Spitteler, Facilitator at The Asylum Seekers Centre in Dandenong.

"Our centre assists asylum seekers (On-shore applicants for refugee status) with food packs & Christmas/Easter gift vouchers.

We also run a “Free Op Shop” to assist asylum seekers & refugees with items such as blankets, clothing, computers, crockery, cutlery, donnas, furniture, linen, sheets and towels.

We also refer clients to other agencies such as the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, Foundation for Survivors of Torture & Trauma, Lentarra Uniting Care, Legal Aid, Migrant & Refugee Centres, The Red Cross, Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre and Urban Neighbours of Hope.

Since February 6th 1997, our centre has applied donations of $564,853.49 to assist 3,369 Asylum Seekers ((2,290 Male & 1,079 Female) from 69 countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. "

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