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SEA SUNDAY with the Kimptons

St Arnaud celebrated Sea Sunday, 14th August with a lunch after the service

and Ian Kimpton as our guest speaker telling us all about his 9 years spent

in the British merchant navy before he migrated to Australia in 1962. He

worked his way from writer (the writer prepares paperwork for passengers and crew) to Purser/Chief Steward. He worked on many different ships of the Ellerman line, the City ships.

Christine Kimpton then talked about the Mission to Sea Farers and the work

they do caring for sailors on leave in ports. There are chaplains to take

care of spiritual needs as well as volunteers to help with more practical

matters such as phone cards, internet access, library, beanies and scarves

in the cold and special mittens that leave the thumb free to manage

handling ropes in the cold. Some of our craft ladies were inspired to try

their hands at knitting the gloves and they had 5 pairs to show us a week


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