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Emergency Services Blessing mid Covid

With lockdowns being imposed and lifted so regularly it is difficult to plan our usual activities during this last year or so. In 2020 we couldn’t hold an Emergency Services Blessing and it looked as if it would be the same this year. We were determined to still make it a special focus of our Zoom Worship via the internet on 12th September


However, at the last minute the lockdown was lifted and we were allowed 20 people in the church for a service. Uniting Lay minister and CFA volunteer Graeme Pearse preached an uplifting sermon remembering the Twin Towers disaster and the Emergency Services involved there showing love in action. Community Ambulance Officer Greg Fithall explained how the recent changes in schedules are working at our St Arnaud Ambulance Station.

We still managed to have representatives from a wide range of emergency services, CFA, Ambulance, Chaplaincy, and Red Cross, and just at the right moment Leading Senior Constable Ian McLean arrived with the divisional van to be blessed. Thank you again for your dedication, to all our Emergency workers and volunteers who work to make our community safe. (Masks lowered for photos) (Photos by Joan Harman)

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