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Harvest Thanksgiving Barefoot

Updated: Feb 4

We took our shoe’s off on Sunday, those who felt like joining in, to be a bit more grounded, more connected to the earth, walking on holy ground, a reminder to walk humbly.

And after a meaningful service giving thanks for the food we eat and all who produce it and pack it and transport it and sell it, we packed up the non-perishables to hand over to foodbank. Then it was time to auction the perishables to raise money for our local CFA. I have no idea why we find putting in ridiculous bids for these goods so hilarious but it happens every-time; great delight and gales of laughter.

For the last two years Bruce has been our auctioneer but he wasn’t able to attend this Sunday and we were sure we would be a bit lost without him. However young Jacob was happy to step into the role and did splendidly.

$5 for a bunch of rhubarb, $15 for scotch bottle full of homemade sauce, and $10 for a small jar of jam made from the fruit of the Irish Strawberry (Arbutus) Tree in the grounds of Christ Church Old Cathedral. Altogether an amount of $164 dollars was raised.

Our shared lunch included zucchini slice and zucchini chocolate cake all made from the fruit of the very prolific zucchini plants in the Rectory Garden.


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